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CStor Helm Repository

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Helm3 must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm’s documentation to get started.

Once Helm is set up properly, add the repo as follows:

$ helm repo add openebs-cstor

You can then run helm search repo openebs-cstor to see the charts.

Update OpenEBS CStor Repo

Once cstor repository has been successfully fetched into the local system, it has to be updated to get the latest version. The cstor repo can be updated using the following command.

helm repo update

Install using Helm 3


By default this chart installs additional, dependent charts:

Repository Name Version openebs-ndm 1.2.0

To disable the dependency during installation, set openebsNDM.enabled to false.

helm install <your-relase-name> openebs-cstor/cstor --set openebsNDM.enabled=false

See helm dependency for command documentation.

Upgrade OpenEBS CStor


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the OpenEBS CStor chart and their default values.

Key Type Default Description
admissionServer.annotations object {} Admission webhook annotations
admissionServer.componentName string "cstor-admission-webhook" Admission webhook Component Name
admissionServer.failurePolicy string "Fail" Admission Webhook failure policy
admissionServer.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" Admission webhook image pull policy
admissionServer.image.registry string nil Admission webhook image registry
admissionServer.image.repository string "openebs/cstor-webhook" Admission webhook image repo
admissionServer.image.tag string "2.6.0" Admission webhook image tag
admissionServer.nodeSelector object {} Admission webhook pod node selector
admissionServer.podAnnotations object {} Admission webhook pod annotations
admissionServer.resources object {} Admission webhook pod resources
admissionServer.securityContext object {} Admission webhook security context
admissionServer.tolerations list [] Admission webhook tolerations
csiController.annotations object {} CSI controller annotations
csiController.attacher.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI attacher image pull policy
csiController.attacher.image.registry string "" CSI attacher image registry
csiController.attacher.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-attacher" CSI attacher image repo
csiController.attacher.image.tag string "v3.1.0" CSI attacher image tag string "csi-attacher" CSI attacher container name
csiController.componentName string "" CSI controller component name
csiController.driverRegistrar.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI driver registrar image pull policy
csiController.driverRegistrar.image.registry string "" CSI driver registrar image registry
csiController.driverRegistrar.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-cluster-driver-registrar" CSI driver registrar image repo
csiController.driverRegistrar.image.tag string "v2.1.0" CSI driver registrar image tag string "csi-cluster-driver-registrar" CSI driver registrar container name
csiController.nodeSelector object {} CSI controller pod node selector
csiController.podAnnotations object {} CSI controller pod annotations
csiController.provisioner.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI provisioner image pull policy
csiController.provisioner.image.registry string "" CSI provisioner image pull registry
csiController.provisioner.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-provisioner" CSI provisioner image pull repository
csiController.provisioner.image.tag string "v2.1.0" CSI provisioner image tag string "csi-provisioner" CSI provisioner container name
csiController.resizer.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI resizer image pull policy
csiController.resizer.image.registry string "" CSI resizer image registry
csiController.resizer.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-resizer" CSI resizer image repository
csiController.resizer.image.tag string "v1.1.0" CSI resizer image tag string "csi-resizer" CSI resizer container name
csiController.resources object {} CSI controller container resources
csiController.securityContext object {} CSI controller security context
csiController.snapshotController.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI snapshot controller image pull policy
csiController.snapshotController.image.registry string "" CSI snapshot controller image registry
csiController.snapshotController.image.repository string "sig-storage/snapshot-controller" CSI snapshot controller image repository
csiController.snapshotController.image.tag string "v3.0.3" CSI snapshot controller image tag string "snapshot-controller" CSI snapshot controller container name
csiController.snapshotter.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI snapshotter image pull policy
csiController.snapshotter.image.registry string "" CSI snapshotter image pull registry
csiController.snapshotter.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-snapshotter" CSI snapshotter image repositroy
csiController.snapshotter.image.tag string "v3.0.3" CSI snapshotter image tag string "csi-snapshotter" CSI snapshotter container name
csiController.tolerations list [] CSI controller pod tolerations
csiNode.annotations object {} CSI Node annotations
csiNode.componentName string "openebs-cstor-csi-node" CSI Node component name
csiNode.driverRegistrar.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSI Node driver registrar image pull policy
csiNode.driverRegistrar.image.registry string "" CSI Node driver registrar image registry
csiNode.driverRegistrar.image.repository string "sig-storage/csi-node-driver-registrar" CSI Node driver registrar image repository
csiNode.driverRegistrar.image.tag string "v2.1.0" CSI Node driver registrar image tag string "csi-node-driver-registrar" CSI Node driver registrar container name
csiNode.kubeletDir string "/var/lib/kubelet/" Kubelet root dir
csiNode.labels object {} CSI Node pod labels
csiNode.nodeSelector object {} CSI Node pod nodeSelector
csiNode.podAnnotations object {} CSI Node pod annotations
csiNode.resources object {} CSI Node pod resources
csiNode.securityContext object {} CSI Node pod security context
csiNode.tolerations list [] CSI Node pod tolerations
csiNode.updateStrategy.type string "RollingUpdate" CSI Node daemonset update strategy
cspcOperator.annotations object {} CSPC operator annotations
cspcOperator.componentName string "cspc-operator" CSPC operator component name
cspcOperator.cstorPool.image.registry string nil CStor pool image registry
cspcOperator.cstorPool.image.repository string "openebs/cstor-pool" CStor pool image repository
cspcOperator.cstorPool.image.tag string "2.6.0" CStor pool image tag
cspcOperator.cstorPoolExporter.image.registry string nil CStor pool exporter image registry
cspcOperator.cstorPoolExporter.image.repository string "openebs/m-exporter" CStor pool exporter image repositry
cspcOperator.cstorPoolExporter.image.tag string "2.6.0" CStor pool exporter image tag
cspcOperator.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CSPC operator image pull policy
cspcOperator.image.registry string nil CSPC operator image registry
cspcOperator.image.repository string "openebs/cspc-operator" CSPC operator image repository
cspcOperator.image.tag string "2.6.0" CSPC operator image tag
cspcOperator.nodeSelector object {} CSPC operator pod nodeSelector
cspcOperator.podAnnotations object {} CSPC operator pod annotations
cspcOperator.poolManager.image.registry string nil CStor Pool Manager image registry
cspcOperator.poolManager.image.repository string "openebs/cstor-pool-manager" CStor Pool Manager image repository
cspcOperator.poolManager.image.tag string "2.6.0" CStor Pool Manager image tag
cspcOperator.resources object {} CSPC operator pod resources
cspcOperator.resyncInterval string "30" CSPC operator resync interval
cspcOperator.securityContext object {} CSPC operator security context
cspcOperator.tolerations list [] CSPC operator pod tolerations
cstorCSIPlugin.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CStor CSI driver image pull policy
cstorCSIPlugin.image.registry string nil CStor CSI driver image registry
cstorCSIPlugin.image.repository string "openebs/cstor-csi-driver" CStor CSI driver image repository
cstorCSIPlugin.image.tag string "2.6.0" CStor CSI driver image tag string "cstor-csi-plugin" CStor CSI driver container name
cstorCSIPlugin.remount string "true" Enable/disable auto-remount when volume recovers from read-only state
cvcOperator.annotations object {} CVC operator annotations
cvcOperator.componentName string "cvc-operator" CVC operator component name
cvcOperator.image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" CVC operator image pull policy
cvcOperator.image.registry string nil CVC operator image registry
cvcOperator.image.repository string "openebs/cvc-operator" CVC operator image repository
cvcOperator.image.tag string "2.6.0" CVC operator image tag
cvcOperator.nodeSelector object {} CVC operator pod nodeSelector
cvcOperator.podAnnotations object {} CVC operator pod annotations
cvcOperator.resources object {} CVC operator pod resources
cvcOperator.resyncInterval string "30" CVC operator resync interval
cvcOperator.securityContext object {} CVC operator security context string nil Volume Target image registry string "openebs/cstor-istgt" Volume Target image repository string "2.6.0" Volume Target image tag
cvcOperator.tolerations list [] CVC operator pod tolerations
cvcOperator.volumeExporter.image.registry string nil Volume exporter image registry
cvcOperator.volumeExporter.image.repository string "openebs/m-exporter" Volume exporter image repository
cvcOperator.volumeExporter.image.tag string "2.6.0" Volume exporter image tag
cvcOperator.volumeMgmt.image.registry string nil Volume mgmt image registry
cvcOperator.volumeMgmt.image.repository string "openebs/cstor-volume-manager" Volume mgmt image repository
cvcOperator.volumeMgmt.image.tag string "2.6.0" Volume mgmt image tag
imagePullSecrets string nil Image registry pull secrets
openebsNDM.enabled bool true Enable OpenEBS NDM dependency
rbac.create bool true Enable RBAC
rbac.pspEnabled bool false Enable PodSecurityPolicy
release.version string "2.6.0" Openebs CStor release version
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Service Account annotations
serviceAccount.csiController.create bool true Enable CSI Controller ServiceAccount string "openebs-cstor-csi-controller-sa" CSI Controller ServiceAccount name
serviceAccount.csiNode.create bool true Enable CSI Node ServiceAccount string "openebs-cstor-csi-node-sa" CSI Node ServiceAccount name

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

helm install  <your-relase-name> -f values.yaml  openebs-cstor/cstor

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml